Moreška is a chivalrous sword dance with elements of drama. It used to be performed all over the Mediterranean but today it can only be seen in Korčula where, according to historic documents, it has been fought at least since 1666.

Its plot is based on a story much like the one of the Trojan War – there is a difference though – in Moreška, the main protagonists are named Osman, Moro and Bula. Moreška is a living monument to the tumultuous Mediterranean history and cosmopolitan spirit.

Today, Moreška has a status of protected cultural heritage, just like the city of Korčula, where Moreška is preserved. During the last 350 years it came to be an inseparable part of city’s identity as well as being its binder and symbol.

In fact, as you can see in the geolocational historic map of Moreskants (drawn based on their address and role), almost all the families in Korčula at one point participated in Moreška.

Wouldn’t you say that Korčula’s shape looks like a Moreškant?


Made of: Moreška is an art project that reinterprets city of Korčula’s identity and history.

One fifth of all Made of: Moreška proceedings are donated to the local organizations that preserve Moreška.